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Post by Special Ed on Fri 18 Mar 2011, 12:20 pm

Like the video says, I'm a dam ninja fool. Bob, you better recognize.

I'm pretty wise too. Wink

You can tell cause I know how to make my thumbs look like nipples between my knuckles when I make a fist. I am so B.A.

So, when I'm not rapping, I'm either wrapping (rods - short, fat, greasy, rods... but I digress) or fishing.

My lover tells me I'm not good with the rod, so I usually get dejected and blow off some steam fishing. Hence the love of night fishing.

Is it wrong to have carnal knowledge of a fish even if you let them go after having your way with them?

~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~ Piggie-Smalls-e1298177097914

~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~ NovemberSmallies1

~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~ PA250014

~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~ Edbass0

I call this one, fishgasm:
~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~ 059_small-e1286566934208

As you can see, you need my protection...

~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~ Photo-32-e1300465103947

Untill next time my friends....

Special Ed
Special Ed
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~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~ Empty Re: ~ Cause I'm a Ninja ~

Post by Splash One on Fri 18 Mar 2011, 12:45 pm

Holy crap dude, that video made me crawl in a corner and cry for help.. where do you find that shit?

As for the pictures... yeah you the man... in the Fresh... but hey you already knew you were a Fresh fisherman as you are a white rapper..

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Splash One
Splash One
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