Calling in Owls at night

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Calling in Owls at night Empty Calling in Owls at night

Post by Splash One on Tue 29 Mar 2011, 3:39 pm

I have always found it fascinating when an owl shows it's face during a crow hunt. I've never had one fly into the set up leading me to believe it was called over, yet I think it's more coincidence that the owl was in the tree before I got there.

A few years ago my nieces were dissecting stuff at school, one thing being owl pellets (poop). Since the girls where all fired up about owl this and owl that, I thought... I bet we could actually call an owl to us.. So one night when the girls were over I set out my foxpro and began playing "Adult Rat Distress" mixing in the owl hoots from the J.S. "owl and crow fight". Sure enough not more then 10 minutes into the calling a big black silhouette emerges from darkness, flys right over us, then perches on the neighbors roof. Most of the owls will hang around for a half hour before they get tired of hearing the rat distress. I haven't had one swoop down, or come super close, because we don't wear camo, nor do we hide, or stay quiet. I'm sure if I made a blind or hid and stayed quiet I could get them to attack the caller... I've been doing this 3 years now, and this year I have graduated to using an owl decoy and a mojo "thing" decoy. I'm looking for some attacks...

I highly recommend it for some family fun. If you call in owls on a moon lit night you can use binoculars to get a close up look at the birds... I have had owls show up as early as 7PM, and the most I've ever had show up at one time was 8,..... normally it's 2 - 4.

** When choosing a good moonlit binocular, you are more concerned with the second number then the first. For example, if you see a pair of optics that say 10x25.. the first number is how many times stronger the binoculars are then human vision. The second number is the size of the big lens on the binocular... this is the number that's most important... the larger the front lens the more light it will capture, thus giving you a brighter view of what you are looking at. The binoculars I use are 7x40 and do a fair job of looking at the neighbors roof...

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