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Post by Splash One on Tue 03 May 2011, 11:14 pm

Went down to the neighborhood pond with my neice... Pond Dinkin 896986977

I dug out my 9' crappie rod with some 4 pound and was slingin around a Kalins triple threat in tennessee shad, on a 1/64oz jig head... MAN was it game on for the 5" LMBs... I was yankin and crankin... and thinned 10 from the pond... I had to put operation Bigger Bass on hold because a bunch of familys and their crazy kids showed up...

The slabs were on the foam grasshopper as soon as the sun went behind the trees... one after another, boiling, and exploding on the hopper... I had 6 that I could barely palm, and one jumbo that had to be a little better then a pound... no one else was catching squat... there were bigger fish starting to boil, I'm pretty sure they were LMB in the 1-2 pound range.. I was ready to put a serious bend in my 5wt rod when I hear....Im cold. Game Over...

Until next time... Pond Dinkin 2820564494

slabs on ultra light gear is pretty damn fun... I would rather be throwing blades, cranks, and frogs... but this place is a 60 second drive, and I have it wired. Im thinking of putting a long nose gar in there. Pond Dinkin 896986977

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