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Post by Splash One on Thu 31 Mar 2011, 10:54 pm

My Portable Blind Boo

This is me during last halloween... I sit just like you see me and when the kids come to the door they walk right past me to get to the candy... on their way out ... I MAKE THEM SCREAM... I know I'm sick and twisted, but I love scaring kids on Halloween night... I put my foxpro in the bushes on the walkway and played bobcat in heat.... scared the CRAP out of everyone... even the parents wouldn't walk past the caller...

Well aside from the October laughs, this is what I wear crow hunting. I have had crows look right at me, and continue getting shot.. I know this is because even though the crows can see me, they can't figure out what I am... They certainly don't associate me with danger, as they do with hunters in form fitting camo... a couple years ago I stood in the middle of my decoys adjusting the shape to help better funnel the crows... I had 4 crows come in on me one at a time... I shot each one dead at less then 20 feet..

On a completely different hunt, I was out retrieving a crow that dropped dead a couple hundred yards out in the middle of a huge newly turned field... not a stitch of cover nor a tree for hundreds of yards... the wind was howling that day and I was down wind of the caller... I had two separate crows use me as a wind break and they both died at less then 40 feet... one of the crows looked like it was going to perch on me... I just couldn't resist shooting it... no one would have believed me anyhow.

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