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Christmas came two days early

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Christmas came two days early Empty Christmas came two days early

Post by Gary on Wed 28 Dec 2011, 11:55 am

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to have lunch with my three crow hunting buddies. Kind of a Christmas lunch and a pre-season planning session. While eating one of the group said can you hunt in the morning, I have seen a flock of birds feeding in a peanut field, everyone was quiet for a few because of Christmas family and last minute shopping but I was free and clear to go for at least a half a day. We meet for breakfast and picked up my buddies nephew ( a new comer to the sport), and the game was on. We set up in some 10 year old pines with the wind coming out of the SW making for a perfect set up. As the birds started coming in to feed we called them off their flight pattern group after group. It was good shooting for two hours and we decided to let them rest and made a few run and gun stops to top us out at 77 birds. Not bad for a warm up shoot. I can not wait until Jan when we ramp up our efforts and really get after em.
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