How To Tune A Crow Call

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How To Tune A Crow Call Empty How To Tune A Crow Call

Post by Splash One on Wed 13 Apr 2011, 6:17 pm

1. Pull the two mouth pieces out.

2. Hold one mouth piece so the flat part in up.

3. Lick the reed so it sticks to the mouth piece in your hand.

4. Place the reed so that the rounded end just covers the round end of the channel.

5. Make sure the reed runs centered down the length of the mouth piece.

6. Lay the other mouth piece over top of the reed.. making sure it is lined up to the other mouth piece..

7. Pinch both mouth pieces together so the reed doesn't move.

8. Slide both mouth pieces into the barrel until snug.

NOW... if you want to mess with tone, you move the reed farther forward, and or adjust how far you push the mouth pieces into the barrel..

Picture to follow.....

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